Facebook apologizes for mistakes in removing hate messages.

By | January 9, 2018

Facebook apologizes for mistakes in removing hate messages.

Facebook has apologized after the case of a hate speech in a probe to remove hate messages posted by users of social network. This week’s investigation by Proppublika has revealed that Facebook approved a photograph even after the review, in which a corpse was seen and said, “Good Muslims can only be those who are corpses.” While in a second post it was said “the death of Muslims”. Although they are now removed.

The non-profit nonprofit company reviewed 900 posts, found that despite reviewing content of Facebook, they have different attitudes towards them despite having similar content and do not always work according to the company’s guidelines. Propublika sent a sample of 49 items to Facebook and asked for clarification on it. Facebook acknowledged its mistake and said that it was a mistake to censor him. Most of these were hate messages, which failed to remove Facebook. “We apologize for our mistakes, we should do better,” Propublika said quoting Facebook’s vice president Justin Osofsky.

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Facebook New Features

Facebook has released a new snooze feature in its news feed, which gives more than two billion users the option of unfollowing a person, page or group temporarily for 30 days. This feature will give users short-term breaks with their friends, pages or groups without having to unfollow, unfollow or block them forever. Facebook’s product manager Shruti Muralidharan said in a blog post late on Friday, “After selecting ‘Snooze’, you will not be able to see the news feed of that friend, page or group for some time.” They said, “We have heard from people that they want more options to determine what and when they want to watch in the news feed. You do not need to always have any unforeseen or unforeseen event with ‘Snooze’. , But rather stops someone from the post for a short time. “

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